2013 – a fresh start

Xoco, the fine cocoa company is no longer active in the 3 countries it once was. The company was sold to three different buyers by the end of 2012 and split into 3 independent companies. The former Nicaraguan division, Xoco S.A. has been taken over by Ingemann S.A., a family owned Danish company with activities in the honey sector in Nicaragua since 2007.

Having a similar strive for quality and social responsibility in doing business, Ingemann S.A. merged smooth and lean over the last months with Xoco.

As the world of cocoa is new to Ingemann and the upset of Xoco was to reinvent the existing and well-known cocoa value chain, the last months can be considered as a learning period. Loss of vision, know-how or quality focus however is non-existing as ex-corporate key personnel have been contracted for long term. On the operational level, no impact is noticed as the Nicaraguan team as a whole was taken over. In fact, having a smaller territory to control, overall quality of Nicaraguan cocoa batches have improved significantly over the last months.

There is no impact for any of our small producers, business wise, it is business as usual. Ingemann S.A. is loyal and a stronger partner for local growers than they ever had.